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Designing experiences with a focus on usability.


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Creative Direction
UI / UX Concept & Design

Latest Projects
When starting a project I first explore the problem space together with the client. The design than has the task to solve this problem irrespective of style and technology.

Interaction design

Creating meaningful, engaging and pleasant user experiences.

Interaction design combines interface, motion & user experience design. It is the “how” of bringing information to the user, considering product strategy and business objectives.

When designing digital & physical experiences I focus on the users goals, using ideation and design thinking methods to understand your audience and verify solutions.

Product design

Creating the look & feel, designing the product indentity and concept.

Designing websites, mobile and desktop apps has many similarities with designing a print magazine, infographic or a connected device. The main difference is visual and technological. However, the biggest part is understanding and satisfying the users needs, finding issues in user tests and solving problems in fast iterations.

Every medium has different limitations and opportunities. I focus on emphaszing the good, like motion in digital products or haptics in physical ones.


visionary design means creating a lasting design approach that grows with your company.

A vision needs to be reevaluated and adjusted all the time and any design work needs to be flexible enough so it can evolve with your content and goals.



intelligent design focuses on usability and user experience.

Any design process starts with a need for information architecture. By structuring and connecting information intelligently I create designs that support the user in consuming and understand what you want them to know.