Health Care


2014 – 2015


The Copra Software GmbH develops a patient managment software to help hospitals monitor all important information so they can focus on saving people's lives. I was asked to create a corporate identity & website to communicate their values and ideals to current and future clients and attract potential employees.

The Challenge

The project started with an in-depth conversation with the team at Copra to understand the company's history, present and their goals for the future as well as their clients and the health care industry itself. Once we had a good understanding of everything we defined the project goal.

  • trustworthy
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • friendly & professional

Transform the brand to resemable a modern software company that works on the future of hospital software while maintaining enough recognizablility to keeping the trust the brand has established.

Target Audience

Medical Staff

While looking for a good software solution or during customer workshops & on conventions especially doctors will come in contact with the company and brand.


The controlling department will get in contact with the brand when trying to find a tool to enable them to get an overview of all that is going on in the hospital.

IT Staff

The software is developed by Copra, but the hospitals IT staff needs to take care of and configure the software, they download the documentation and deal with problems and support.


Like any other software company Copra is constantly looking for fresh talent to join their team. The brand needs to communicate their ideals and mission to potential hires.

Research & Moods

Once the target audience was defined the visual research and creation of mood boards started. The goal was to collect inspiration for colors and typography.

Corporate Colors

Primary color #E1464B
Secondary color #B9323C
Tertiary color #CDE1CD
Accent color #5AAA96

Main Colors

Red like the red cross that adorns every hospital has always been the color copra used and it was clear from the start, that this color will be kept. However the original brownish red was replace by a bright but warm and friendly red as the primary color and a darker, more subtle red as a secondary color which is used sparingly.

Accent Colors

To compliment the reds we have an aquamarine as the accent color and a very brightened version of it as a tertiary color that can be used for backgrounds. Aquamarine is used in operation rooms and wards as well as for the clothing because the color stands for hygiene and cleanliness, which is extrenly important in hospitals.


Source Sans Pro Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzSource Sans Pro SemiBold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzSource Sans ProSource Sans Pro

Keeping it clean

Source Sans Pro was chosen because it combines a clean astehtic with a humanistic look & feel. It works well for print and marketing material as well as for digital interfaces. Top keep a good performance on the web we decided on only using two weights.



We did not get very much infromation about the background of the logo. All that was know is that the founder liked cobras and the red was chosen because of the association with hospitals.

Redesign Goal

With the redesign we wanted to clearly distinguish the new Copra from the old and show its transformation into a modern software company. However we also wanted to keep the trust the company has aquired since the early 1990s.

Final Brandmark

The final design combines the idea of the cobra forming the C with a more modern letter form. However the edges are soft and rounded with no sharp corners anywhere. This is to fit into the idea of a more organic and natural snake-shape. The shadow on the C is a little detail which hint at the hood of a cobra in a closed, calm state.

Style Direction

Designers are constantly trying to convey a message through design, which means we have much experience imagining how a design concept looks when used in a website or flyer. However this is often hard for clients who might never think and talk about design in their daily live. Because of this I decided to illustrate the eight design concepts with a little icon and a couple stationary sketches. This approach worked very well and we got to the final style within a couple iterations.



The company website has to fullfill the typical aspects of informing about the product and its uses as well as providing some background about the company and upcoming events. Customers can see which medical decices are connected to and operated by the system are in which hospital.

With the idea of increasing the trust and showing that it is a validated software product which is used by huge hospitals.
We focused on speed by making sure it was as small as possible but also by designing and writing the content so that it is easy to scan to get the gist without reading every last paragraph.

Other Products

Once the website was finalized there where many other things that needed to be designed. This included materials needed when directly interacting with customers and potential hires including business cards, flyers, job postings, letter heads but also elements like a small and a big convention booth.