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Branding for a modern airline which differentiates itself by speed instead of entering the endless pricing battle.

Swift Logo Design

Swift logo design
Swift logo constrcution
Swift logo lockup

It took about 100 different variations of 6 names to find the one that was just right, a reduced Logotype that is bend to the right to give a feeling of movement and a rough resemblence of the shape of an airplane.

The logo did not only have to be trustworthy, but needed to fit with the target audience of mainly traveling business people.

Swift logo Ideas

Corporate Colors & Patterns

The swift corporate identity focusing on the corporate values comfort, trust and speed. The primary color yellow visualises speed and is mainly used in communication and marketing, while the dark green stands for comfort and calmness and is mainly used inside the airplanes & lounge areas.

Corporate Colors
Corporate Patterns
Corporate Patterns


Stationeries in Corporate Design

Architecture & Vehicles

vehicle with corporate colors & elements
Swift flag design
swift help desk
swift passanger lounge